Synergy Hardware launch new adjustable power floor spring

Flagship EN 1-4 adjustable power floor spring provides great performance and flexibility for the user.

The launch of the new S4014 EN 1-4 adjustable power floor spring from Synergy introduces enhanced performance and flexibility to the range of floor mounted door closers.

Equipped with adjustable power (EN 1-4) and suitable for doors up to 150kg, the S4014 floor spring can be installed on most door situations. In addition, the unit is totally compatible with Synergy’s strap sets lending itself to be used in both single and double action door applications.

Adjustment for both closing speed and latching action provide the functionality to ensure that the unit closes the door to the requirements of the user.  Tested to BS EN 1154, the unit is CE marked and certified for use on 30 and 60 minute timber fire doors.

To find out more about the new S4014 EN 1-4 adjustable power floor spring, please click here to visit the product webpage.